File description

XLIFF 1.2 files are made of one or more <file> elements. Each <file> element corresponds to an original file or source. Localizable data are stored in <trans-unit> elements. The <trans-unit> element holds a <source> element to store the source text, and a <target> element (that is not mandatory) to store the latest translated text.

Good to know

  • POEditor cannot import two languages simultaneously
  • There's two ways to perform an import with POEditor: either on the language page (translations only), or on the import page (terms and/or translations). POEditor loads by default, on any import, the translations from the <target> tag. The translations from the <source> tag can be loaded by checking a box in the import page, or, if the import is performed through API, by setting a flag.
  • For XLIFF 1.2 files, we import the <trans-unit> ids attributes as terms, and the original attribute of the parent <file> tag in the Context.
  • The export cannot be performed without setting a Default Reference Language on the project. The values in the Reference Language go to the <source> tag, while the translations end up in the <target> tag.


Localizing your app using XLIFF files:

Sample file

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<xliff version="1.2" xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:1.2">
  <file original="file.ext" xml:space="preserve" source-language="en" target-language="fr">
      <tool tool-id="" tool-name="POEditor"/>
      <group id="login_page">
        <trans-unit id="app" resname="app">
          <source>TODO List</source>
          <target>TODO List</target>
          <note>Please don't change the name of the application</note>
          <context-group purpose="location">
            <context context-type="sourcefile">/app/modules/views/main</context>
            <context context-type="linenumber">5</context>
        <trans-unit id="form.text" resname="form.text">
          <source>Enter your credentials below to login</source>
          <target>Entrez vos identifiants ci-dessous pour vous connecter</target>
          <context-group purpose="location">
            <context context-type="sourcefile">/app/modules/views/main</context>
            <context context-type="linenumber">67</context>
        <trans-unit id="forgot.pass.label" resname="forgot.pass.label">
          <source>I forgot my password</source>
          <target>J'ai oublié mon mot de passe</target>
          <context-group purpose="location">
            <context context-type="sourcefile">/app/modules/views/main</context>
            <context context-type="linenumber">68</context>
        <trans-unit id="terms" resname="app">
          <source>Terms and conditions</source>
          <target>Termes et conditions</target>
          <context-group purpose="location">
            <context context-type="sourcefile">/app/modules/views/main</context>
            <context context-type="linenumber">69</context>
      <group id="alerts">
        <trans-unit id="form.alert.success">
          <source>Login successful !
Welcome back %s !</source>
          <target>Connexion réussie !
Bon retour %s !</target>
        <trans-unit id="form.alert.error">
          <source>Make sure you've entered the correct username and password</source>
          <target>Assurez-vous que vous avez entré le nom d'utilisateur correct et le mot de passe</target>
        <trans-unit id="signup.alert.success">
          <source>Thank you for signing up !
Please check your email address to activate your account.</source>
          <target>Je vous remercie pour vous inscrire !
Veuillez vérifier votre adresse e-mail pour activer votre compte.</target>
        <trans-unit id="signup.alert.error">
          <source>We were unable to sign you up.
Please correct the marked fields.</source>
          <target>Nous n'avons pas pu vous inscrire.
Veuillez corriger les champs marqués.</target>
      <trans-unit id="form.recover.text">
        <source>Enter your address in the field below. A new password will be sent to your inbox.</source>
        <target>Entrez votre adresse dans le champ ci-dessous. Un nouveau mot de passe sera envoyé à votre boîte de réception.</target>
      <trans-unit id="signup.text">
        <source>Sign up for free! No credit card required!</source>
        <target>Inscrivez-vous gratuitement ! Aucune carte de crédit !</target>

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