Localization features that simplify your work

Because we believe in efficient translation platforms that anyone can manage


automates the localization management

Bring POEditor to home base by connecting it to your software via our simple API. Let the API automate your localization workflow and forget about manually managing your localization projects.

Smart Translation Memory

reduces your translation work volume

Don't like to translate strings multiple times? Then you will enjoy using the Translation Memory feature. The TM searches through all your previous translations so you can reuse them.

GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and Azure DevOps integration

optimize the file management

Connect your repos to your POEditor account to quickly communicate data between our localization platform and GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab/Azure Devops. Use the WordPress translation plugin to manage the localization of your language files directly in WordPress, via the POEditor API.

Realtime translation updates

make collaboration efficient

If collaborative software localization sounds like a mess, relax. POEditor lets you know of your fellow translators' whereabouts when you're sharing the same language page, and automatically saves any changes you make to the translation.

Slack and Microsoft Teams integration

for live reporting

Connect your POEditor account to Slack or Microsoft Teams and never miss any important events during the localization process. Add your localization team members to dedicated channels, and you'll always be on the same page, in real time.

Human translation services

you can order with a few clicks

Purchase professional human translations for your localization project directly from your POEditor account. We've neatly aggregated the translation providers we are partners with, for you to easily compare and integrate into your continuous localization workflow.

Crowdsourced translation projects

to tap into your community's potential

Set your software localization project to "Public" to crowdsource the translation of your strings. You will get a link that you can share in order to invite people to enroll as contributors.

Automatic Translation

a starting point for your localization team

Automatic Translation offers the possibility to work with the machine translation engines from Google, Microsoft and DeepL, in order to automatically fill in missing translations.

Translation History

helps you check previous translation versions

Use the History module to check previous translation versions for a string. Memorizing translations that are at least an hour old, the History module can be used as a versioning system and as a way to recover translations.

Screenshots and comments

inform translators about how a string should be translated

Offer your translators information about how a string should be translated using the Comments System. Visible across all project languages, the Comments System can be used for upload screenshots as well.

POEditor currently understands the following localization formats


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