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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

If you're the owner or administrator of a localization project, you can order human translations directly from your POEditor account, following the steps described below.

Translation Order button (Project page) - POEditor localization tool

1. Choose translation order values and get quotes

In the project page, go to Translations Orders and select the desired values for a new order. Order translations for all the software strings in a particular language or just the strings that don’t have translations in that language. Then click Get Quotes to find out what the translations would cost.

Add new translation order - POEditor localization management platform

Select a quote from one of the available tiers to go to the next step.

2. Submit translation order

Fill in the Payment Details, accept the terms and conditions and, if you want, also fill in the Comment for translator form - this will help the translators understand what it is they have to translate and what tone should be used. The context and the first comment of every string will also be sent to Gengo, if they exist in your project, to give translators more information about what they have to translate.

If you want to order more translations and then pay for all the orders at once, press Add new translation. The previous order(s) will be memorized and displayed at the top of the order page.

Place translation order - POEditor localization tool

After selecting to translate a batch of strings to a language, you can quickly select to translate the same strings to another language using the Also translate texts into menu at the bottom of the translation page.

3. Approve translations & import to localization project

After receiving the localized strings, you can approve them in bulk and then import them to a language in a localization project, or send them back individually for revision. To communicate with the translator of a string, use the Comment feature next to each of the translated strings. To send a comment back for reviewing, check the box next to Also ask for revision when sending a comment to the translator. You will receive an email notification if a translator comments on a string.

Import Approved Translations - POEditor Localization Tool

All your orders will be listed in the Translation Orders page with their status: Pending for when you’ve only requested a quote, Submitted for after making the payment, and Completed for when the submitted strings are translated.

Translation Orders List - POEditor Localization Tool

A list of language pairs in which Gengo offers professional translation services is available here.