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How to create an organization


POEditor organizations are useful to centralize the management of common assets such as projects, subscriptions, billing and integrations in a single place. They allow you to share access to these assets with multiple users.

How to create POEditor organizations

To create a POEditor organization, go to Account Settings > Organizations, give your organization a unique name, and click on Create to save it.

Add organization (Account Settings) - POEditor localization platform

After creating the organization, if you have any projects on your account or a paid subscription, you'll be asked if you wish to move them to the organization.

How to remove a POEditor organization

To delete a POEditor organization, log on to your user account, go to Account Settings > Organizations and then click on the Delete icon next to the organization name.

Delete organization (Account Settings) - POEditor localization management platform

You'll need to enter your password to trigger the organization deletion.

If you have strings in the projects hosted on the organization, you'll also need to confirm the deletion by clicking an email sent to your email address.

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