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Organization settings


The settings of a POEditor organization are comprised of three sections:

  • Organization, divided into Profile, Preferences, Single-Sign On and API Access
  • Managers
  • Logs

In Profile, you can change the organization details (name, website), purchase Automatic Translation characters that organization managers can use to machine translate strings and view how many strings you have in all the projects hosted on the organization.

In Preferences you can control the access to the organization's Translation Memory (if you have a paid subscription on the organization), enable/disable realtime Quality Assurance Checks and change how the managers should receive notifications on comments.

Organization Settings - POEditor translation and localization software

In Single-Sign On you can enable this option for your organization, in order to allow your contributors to access their accounts using SAML-based Single Sign-on. This feature is available only for organizations with a paid plan.

In API Access you can enable API access for the organization. After enabling API access, you can view the ids of the localization projects hosted on the organization, as well as the codes of the languages in the projects.

In Managers and add or remove organization members.

In Logs, you can find the Activity, Webhooks, API and Callbacks logs for the organization.

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