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QA Checks

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To check for errors in a localized language, you can use Quality Assurance Checks.

By default, the errors found by the QA Checks module are displayed in realtime in translation pages, when a translation is saved. If you want to turn off Realtime QA Checks, you can do that in Account Settings.

Enable/Disable Realtime QA (Account Settings) - POEditor translation management platform

To run QA Checks for all the translations in a language, click on the Run QA Checks button available in any translation page (the button is not available in the Default Reference Language, if one is set on the project).

Quality Assurance Checks (Translation page) - POEditor translation management system

The QA Checks module checks the translation against the source strings, looking for the following possible mismatches:

  • Mismatched new lines
  • Trailing new lines
  • Leading new lines
  • Trailing spaces
  • Leading spaces
  • Mismatched colon
  • Mismatched semicolon
  • Mismatched exclamation mark
  • Mismatched question mark
  • Mismatched full stop
  • Mismatched special chararacters (whitespace placeholder ␣)
  • Mismatched doublequoting (doublequoting is not consistent between the two strings)
  • Mismatched brackets
  • Missing placeholders
  • XML/HTML markup

Some translations are ignored in the QA Checks page:

  • proofread translations
  • translations with plural forms
  • translations with ICU syntax detected
  • translations without a corresponding string in the Default Reference Language (if one is set on the project)

If your target language and the source language you're checking against use different writing systems, it is possible for the QA Checks module to throw errors, even if none are present (for example, if you check Chinese against English, question marks, full stops, round brackets and colons probably won't match).

In case you'd like a particular check added to QA Checks module, or if you notice something unusual about the results in the QA Checks page, please email us at to let us know.

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