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Placeholder validation

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Our localization platform notifies users about the following commonly used placeholders (also called format specifiers, parameters or variables):

  • %@
  • %s
  • %d
  • %f
  • %1$s
  • %1$d
  • %2$s
  • %2$d
  • %3$s
  • %3$d
  • %4$s
  • %4$d
  • %number%
  • %(amount)
  • %{any_string_without_whitespaces}
  • {any_string_without_whitespaces}
  • {{amount}}

If a string contains a placeholder and a user forgets to add it in the translation, the message 'Make sure you use all the variables from the original string in the translation' will appear under the translation box.

Missing placeholder (Translations page) - POEditor localization management platform

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