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Translation options

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To translate software products with POEditor, you can choose between one or more of the following localization strategies:

  1. Assigning translators to specific languages (by adding them as contributors)
  2. Crowdsourcing translations from your community (using public projects)
  3. Ordering translation services from one of our partners
  4. Using machine translation

Assigning translators to languages

In the Languages page of any localization project, there’s an Add contributor button for each project language. Click on one of these buttons and type in the name and email of the person you want to assign to the language. They will receive an invitation to join your localization project, which will allow them to start translating right away.

Adding contributors in the project page - POEditor Localization Platform

You can add contributors to a localization project via API also.

Crowdsourcing localization

After you make your localization project public in Settings, you can share a link to its public join page, where anyone can volunteer to translate into one or more languages.

Set project as public (Project Settings) - POEditor localization tool

You can control the access to your crowdsourced localization project. For new contributors, check the options available in Settings > Advanced Settings. For current contributors, see the Contributors page.

Ordering human translation services

If your software needs to be localized into one or more languages quickly and professionally, and you don’t have translators to assign to your project, you can use the human translation module.

Translation Orders - POEditor localization tool

With the integrated translation order system, you can send strings to professional human translators. Once the translations are completed, the localized strings are sent back to your POEditor account and you can import them to your project with a few clicks. No need to send localization files back and forth, or for any external accounts/keys/credits.

Add new translation order - POEditor localization platform

Translating strings automatically

POEditor is integrated with multiple machine translation engines. You can purchase AT characters from your POEditor account to machine translate strings in the UI, or get automatic translations via API with the API key from your preferred machine translation provider.

According to your resources and needs, you can combine the available translation options in whatever way suits you best.

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