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How to crowdsource translations

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To crowdsource the translation of a software product, you can easily set up a public project on the POEditor localization platform, where contributors can join by themselves to translate strings. Below are the steps you need to follow to get a crowdsourcing project started.

1. Create a software localization project

If you haven't already created a software localization project, go to your account's Dashboard and create a new project.

2. Add languages for translation

In project page, add whatever languages you want to have your software localized in, including the source language.

3. Import strings from language file

In the project page, click on Import to bring the strings to be translated to the localization project. If your localization file contains keys/string ids, you should also import the translations, in order to set a Default Reference Language.

4. Set the localization project as public

In Settings > Advanced, enable Public Project. Three more options regarding the public project will appear - set these as you wish.

Set project as public (Project Settings) - POEditor localization tool

5. Share the project's join page

Share the link generated for the public localization project on your website, forum, social media pages, or wherever you see fit. Accessing it, people will be able to join the project's translation team.

Join page for public localization project - POEditor translation management platform

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