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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

There are two features designed for translation recovery on the software localization platform POEditor: the History module and the Translation Memory.

The History module

If you're an owner or an admin managing a software localization project at POEditor, you have the possibility of restoring the last translations recorded in a language using the Recover from History feature. Recover from History will appear as a notification if you are on a language page, where there are empty translation fields that once contained translations.

If you're a contributor, you can view previous translation versions using the History link next to each term (if the term was ever translated on POEditor).

The Translation Memory

The Translation Memory allows project owners with paid accounts (by default) and their administrators and contributors (if they are granted acccess to the Translation Memory) to load the most frequently used translations in a software localization project, to the languages where there are untranslated terms.

The Translation Memory feature can be accessed by clicking on the Translation Memory button in the side bar of any language page.

Translations can also be loaded individually using Translation Memory suggestions.