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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

The POEditor History module has the role of making software localization a safer process, by storing all the translated strings into a database after one hour. It makes it easy to consult previous versions of a translation, or to recover translations in case of accidental loss.

The History link

The History link allows users to consult previous translations, made for the same term, in the same language. The link can be found in any language page, next to each individual term, if there's at least one translation stored in the database that fulfills the one hour rule.

POEditor Versioning System

Recover from History

The Recover from History option, available for owners and admins only, appears if the system detects that the language at hand has empty translation fields which were once completed. In this scenario, the system can be asked to recover the last translation recorded.

Recover translations from History - POEditor localization platform