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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

If you have a paid account, then you have access to the POEditor Translation Memory, a feature that memorizes all your translations, including the deleted ones, and allows you to use them again in your current and future localization projects. Here is how you can use it:

1. Activate the Translation Memory

The Translation Memory feature is turned on by default for project owners. If you go to Account Settings, you can choose to grant Translation Memory access to your contributors and administrators as well.

Translation Memory Settings (Account Settings) - POEditor localization platform

2. Translation Memory suggestions

Go to any language page and start translating strings. You will notice suggestions under some of your translations. Press Use if the suggestions are appropriate. Suggestions can be turned off from Account Settings.

Translation Memory suggestions - POEditor localization platform

3. Using the Translation Memory feature

To use the Translation Memory, go to the side menu in the language page, click on the button that says Translation Memory and then on Start searching. The TM will search through all your translations and display a list of all possible options for your current language. You can remove from this list the ones that you don't need.

Translation Memory page - POEditor localization management platform