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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

The Account Settings are divided into five sections: Profile, API Access, Integrations, Logs and TM (Translation Memory).


In the Profile tab, you can edit your profile details (the name and web address).

Profile (Account Settings) - POEditor Localization Platform

Here, you can also find some numbers regarding your account: the number of strings currently hosted in your projects and the number of characters you have left to use with the Automatic Translation feature.

You can change your password following the Change Password link at the bottom of the page and filling in the details in the form.

And you can change your email address, by following the steps here.

Want to enable two-factor authentication for your POEditor account? You can do that in the Profile tab too.

Some account-level features can have their settings changed in this page too: Translation Memory Access - grant access to administrators and/or contributors to load in your projects translations stored in your account's Translation Memory by turning the switches to YES.
Translation Memory Suggestions - enable them if you want the Translation Memory to show translation suggestions in your projects' language pages.
Realtime QA Checks - enable these if you want to get notified about errors in the translation page in real time, when a translation is saved.
Notifications on Comments - lets you choose if and how often you wish to be notified via email when someone comments on a string.

API Access

In the API Access tab, you can generate, view and regenerate your API token. Also, you can lock the API.

API (Account Settings) - POEditor translation management platform

A list of your project ids and language codes is also available, to use with the API.


POEditor is integrated with a number of services, which are listed in the Integrations tab: GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, WordPress and Slack.

Integrations page - POEditor translation platform

To connect with any of these services, click on the corresponding logo and follow the instructions.


Each POEditor account has three logs - a general Activity Log, an API Log and a Webhooks Log.

Most events in the Activity Log are stored for 15 days, but events related to the deletion of data is stored for 30. The Webhooks Log stores for 30 days all account requests, while the API Log stores for 15 days all the account requests.

POEditor uses UTC to express the time when an event took place.


In this section, you can browse the entries you have in your Translation Memory, filtering by user, project, language and time interval. In this page, it's also possible to delete srings from the Translation Memory.

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