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How to upgrade an account


If your localization needs are greater than what our free plan can offer, you can always upgrade your account to one of the paid plans, listed in our pricing page. Here's how.

Upgrading your own account

To get a subscription for your own account, go to your Billing section (in the navigation bar, click on your username, and then on Billing) and, in Your Billing, fill in the payment details. Then, go to Your Plan and press Upgrade. You'll be taken to the Pricing page, where you can choose to subscribe to one of the standard plans, for one, six or twelve months.

Upgrade Your Plan - POEditor Localization Platform

Having someone else upgrade your account

You can also invite someone else to upgrade your POEditor account, by adding them as your alternative payer in Your Billing.

Invite Alternative Payer (Billing) - POEditor Localization Tool

After they accept the request to become your payer, a new billing section will appear in their account for your user. If they have their billing details completed, they can just click the button to upgrade your account and they'll be taken to the Pricing page, where they can select and purchase a plan for you.

Upgrading as Alternative Payer - POEditor Localization Platform

Upgrading before the billing cycle ends

If you've paid for a subscription but need a plan with more strings, you can upgrade again by repeating the steps above. The upgrade will take effect immediately, and you'll be charged only the difference for the remaining days of the subscription (if this period is shorter than a month, another month will be added).

Contributors and administrators do not need a subscription to work on your software localization project, because all the strings are counted against the project owner's account.

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