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How to set a payer on your account


If you want someone else to be in charge of managing your POEditor subscription, you can use the Alternative Payer feature.

The user you assign the payer role can upgrade or downgrade your plan or extend your current subscription.

1. Invite the payer to your POEditor account

Access the Billing section from your account, following the Invite Alternative Payer link and insert the email address of the person you want as payer.

Invite Alternative Payer (Billing) - POEditor Localization Tool

A POEditor user can (simultaneously) be an alternative payer for multiple POEditor accounts, and is free to quit this role at any time.

2. Receive confirmation from the payer

An email will be sent to the indicated email address to notify about the invitation. To accept it, the person will need to go to the Billing section in his/her account and explicitly confirm the role of alternative payer for your account.

Once confirmed, the payer can enter the billing details that will be used to make payments for the owner's account. The alternative payer will receive all the corresponding invoices for these payments.

Upgrading as Alternative Payer - POEditor Localization Platform

Revoking the payer role

To remove the payer assigned to your account, go to your account's billing page in the section Your Billing, then click the Revoke Payer link.

Alternative payers cannot purchase Automatic Translation Characters or human translation services for other POEditor users.

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