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Subscriptions and billing


POEditor plans are differentiated by two main criteria: the number of strings that can be managed with said plan and the features it gives access to.

How we count the strings

The number of strings in an account or organization is the sum of terms and translations in all the projects hosted on that account or organization.

For example, if you host just one project with 10 terms, translated fully into one language, and just 50% completed in a second language, you have 25 strings (10 terms + 10 translations in the first language + 5 in the second language).

How to find out how many strings you need

Import the localization files with the source language to your POEditor project(s), add all the languages you want to localize into, and then have a look at the text at the bottom of the pricing page.

Strings count (Pricing page) - POEditor localization platform

Available plans

The available plans are listed here. If you need more strings than the largest plan has to offer, we can make you a custom subscription, just contact us. The cost for every additional 10 000 strings is a flat $10/mo.

Who should buy the subscription

All the strings added to a project are counted against the limit of the account or organization hosting the project. So the subscription has to be on the account/organization hosting the localization projects, either purchased by that account, or by another account, added as payer.

Other team members (contributors, admins) do not need to purchase a subscription.

In a POEditor organization, any user assigned as organization manager with billing rights can log in to the organization and manage its billing.

Payment methods

The standard payment method is credit card. If you subscribe for one year for the Enterprise plan, you can also pay by wire transfer.

Billing cycles

As previously stated, the standard payment method is by credit card. Payments are recurrent, and you can decide to pay monthly, every 6 months, or yearly.


Paying in advance for 6 or 12 months comes with discounts: 10% and 15% respectively.


You can upgrade your plan to a superior one at any time. For the remaining period of your current subscription, you will be charged only the difference between the two plans.


Invoices are generated automatically upon payment, in the account/organization paying for the subscription. They can be found in the account or organization's billing section. If you want, you can send invoices to an additional email address.

Add invoice recipient (Your Billing) - POEditor Localization Tool

The string limit is not cumulative from one billing cycle to another. It represents the maximum amount of strings you can store in an account or organization, at any given time, for as long as you are subscribed to that plan.

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