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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

POEditor discounts are available to users who fit any of the cases below.

Open Source localization projects

Have an Open Source project with an OSI-approved license? You can bring it to POEditor and benefit from a 100% discount to manage its localization.

Here you can find the exact steps to file a request to use POEditor for free for your Open Source localization project.

Academic accounts

Academic initiatives benefit from a 50% discount on all standard POEditor prices.

To qualify for an academic discount, you need to be part of the academia, as a student, teacher, or researcher. Verification is done by email address, so you will need an educational email address matching the school’s domain name with which to register (for free) with us.

After creating a POEditor account, drop us an email at specifying which address you used to register, mentioning that you want to apply for an academic discount. We'll be in touch with you soon after.

Long-term subscriptions

To benefit from a 10% discount on your POEditor subscription, choose a 6-month billing cycle when you subscribe. For a 15% off, choose a 12-month billing cycle. These discounts are applied automatically when you make the purchase.

Have a special case?

If you feel you qualify for a discount and your case isn't listed above, feel free to email us at to discuss it.

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