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Localization automation features

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Automating the file management

GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and Azure Repos integration. To speed up the import/export process, you can link the localization files in your repos to languages in your localization project.

GitHub integration options - POEditor app localization tool

WordPress plugin. This lets you connect the language files in your WordPress instance to the languages in your POEditor projects, to speed up the import and export of strings.

API. If you wish to manage everything from your end without any third party service, the localization API is for you.

Automating the translation process

Translation Memory. The TM memorizes your translations (i.e. translations made by you, or by your translators), and allows you to use them again in your current and future localization projects.

Translation Memory suggestion - POEditor translation management system

Translation orders. If you don’t have your own translators and need high quality human translation, you can order translations from one of our partners providing professional human translation services, directly from your POEditor account.

Automatic Translation. This feature uses the machine translation engines provided by Google, DeepL or Microsoft to machine translate your app or site strings.

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