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How to translate WordPress themes and plugins


To more easily translate WordPress themes and plugins, you can use POEditor's WordPress translation plugin. With this plugin, you can manage the import and export in your POEditor translation projects directly from your WordPress dashboard. After downloading and installing the WP translation plugin, follow the steps below to set up your WordPress localization workflow.

1. Connect WordPress to POEditor account

Get your API key from your POEditor account, go to your WordPress admin page, Tools > POEditor, paste your API key in the empty box and press Set API Key. If there are translation projects in your POEditor account, they will be loaded in the plugin.

2. Create a WordPress translation project

Click on Create project to start a new translation project in your account on the POEditor localization platform.

WordPress translation management plugin - POEditor localization platform

3. Add a language and assign a language file

Press the Add language to button under the name of the created translation project to add a language to it. Link a local WordPress language file to this language by clicking the Assign file link. To add more languages, repeat this step.

4. Send terms from local WordPress file to POEditor project

Press Export in the WordPress plugin to send the terms from your local .po or .pot file to your project on the POEditor localization platform.

To translate the WordPress strings, you can use one of the available translation options.

5. Get the localized languages from POEditor to WordPress

To get the translated strings back to WordPress, click in the POEditor plugin on Import (for individual languages) or on Import all (to fetch all the linked languages in the translation project).

Following the above steps, you'll be able to translate WordPress themes, sites or plugins faster, by improving the process of managing your language files between your WordPress account and your software localization project on the POEditor platform.

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