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WordPress translation plugin: buttons functionality list


The POEditor translation plugin for WordPress allows POEditor users to manage the translation of their WordPress language files more efficiently, all from within your WP dashboard. Here you can find listed the buttons in the POEditor plugin, with short descriptions of the actions they perform.

WordPress translation management plugin - POEditor localization platform

Change API Key: allows the changing of the API Key in the POEditor plugin, in case it was changed in the connected POEditor account.

Reset plugin: deletes all the local file assignments and detaches the WordPress installation from the POEditor accont.

Refresh online projects list: updates in the plugin the list of all the projects and languages in the connected POEditor account, along with their progress.

Assign file: links a language in a POEditor translation project to a local WordPress language file.

Import: brings to WordPress the .po and .mo files (containing both terms and translations) from the POEditor localization platform.

Export: sends the terms from the assigned WordPress language file to the corresponding POEditor localization project (without touching the existing translations in the project).

Sync: sends the terms and the translations from the assigned WordPress language file to the corresponding language in the POEditor localization project, overwriting existing translations and deleting the obsolete terms.

Import all: brings the .po and .mo files for all the languages to WordPress, from the POEditor localization platform.

Add language to: creates a new language in the translation project on the POEditor localization platform.

Create project: creates a project in the connected POEditor account.

Rescan for language files: searches WordPress for .po and .pot language files.

The buttons described above will make it possible to integrate the WordPress plugin into your localization workflow, in order to translate WordPress themes and plugins more efficiently.

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