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The main localization management roles in a POEditor project are owner and admin. Although these roles are fairly similar, there are a few important differences between them:

  1. Administrators can’t delete or move projects – Unlike the project owner, the project administrators are limited with regard to the possibility of deleting or moving the localization projects they are administrating.

  2. Administrators can’t add or delete other administrators – Administrators can be added to a localization project only by the project's owner, by introducing the name and e-mail address of the chosen person in the corresponding fields in Project Settings.

  3. Administrators can't set up integrations with Git hosting services – Although localization project admins cannot set up the integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab or Azure Repos, the owner of the project can share access to an already set up integration page in the project's settings, as described here.

  4. Administrators can't see the Activity Log or Webhooks Log for the projects hosted on the owner's account, because the events in these projects are logged in the account hosting the projects only. An admin can, however, view the API Log, if they use their own API key to manage the data between POEditor and their instance.

To add an administrator to a localization project, go to Project Settings and, in the Access to Project section, press the Add Administrator button.

Add Administrator (Project Settings) - POEditor Localization Tool

Note: As project administrator, you can't share your paid subscription with the owner of the project you're administrating. However, the owner can invite you to become their Alternative Payer, and you can manage their subscription from your account.

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