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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

The contributor role is the role with the most limited access in a localization project. It corresponds to translators, and gives users access only to the assigned language(s).

How to add a translator to a localization project

A translator can be added to one or more languages in a localization project. This can be done by the project owner and by the project admins in the project page, using the Add Contributor button next to the language(s) they want to assign to the translator.

Adding contributors in the project page - POEditor Localization Platform

You can also quickly assign all the contributors added to a project to a new localization project using the Copy setup from another project feature.

In the case of public projects, translators can also join languages on their own, via the project's join page.

Join page for public localization project - POEditor translation management platform

In the project's Settings > Advanced Settings, there is a feature for public projects called New Contributors Require Moderation. The owner of the project or an admin can turn it on, if an extra filter is needed, before contributors coming from the public join page can edit the language(s) they joined.

You can also add contributors to a project using the API.

How to manage the access of existing translators

The acces of translators who are already contributors can be managed in the Contributors’ page (accessible in any page, by clicking the link in the upper navigation bar).

Remove or block contributor from language (Contributors page) - POEditor localization platform

The following options are available for each contributor:

Block: restricts the contributor’s access to the language.
Revoke: removes the contributors from the language.
Approve: unblocks the contributor’s access to the languages.

How to communicate with translators

You can use the comments section to share information with translators regarding particular strings.

If you want to send a message to all the translators contributing to a language, or to all the members of the project, you can send them notifications via email.

Notify Contributors (Project page) - POEditor Localization Platform

Note: If a user is not receiving some email notifications, they may be on our suppression list.

How to see the contribution of each translator

POEditor offers reports for each contributor. To access these reports, go to the project page and click on Stats. Click on the Reports by Contributors tab to view the stats for each translator.

Date Range Picker (Stats page) - POEditor localization platform

How to track contributors' activity in real time

At the bottom of the project page, a Live Activity box will appear, if at least one person is connected to the project. If they perform any actions (add/delete translation), those will also be streamed.

Realtime Translation System - POEditor localization platform

If you are using Slack, you can get even more realtime notifications about the activity in a localization project. You can connect these services to your localization project by accessing the Integrations page in Account Settings.

Slack Integration Page - POEditor localization tool

In Account Setting, there is also an Activity Log you can check, to see what has been happening in your project in the past 30 days.