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The comment system is useful to communicate with other members in your localization team, working on the same translation project.

Strings with comments (Language page) - POEditor localization platform

Visible across languages

Each term has its own comment section where users can add comments. To view the comments made on a string, click on the Comment button corresponding to it.

All string comments (Language page) - POEditor localization tool

Useful to share screenshots

To share screenshots with your localization team, you can place a link to that image in the comment section. By default, you'll see a preview of the image, which you can click to enlarge.

The first comment is always exported

You can pass essential information from one localization step to another during your localization workflow via the first comment of a term.

When importing terms, the comments in your file are imported along with the terms (if no comments are present in the project already for those terms). If a term in the file has multiple comments, they will all be imported in the first comment field in the project.

On export, the first comment is passed to the localization file if the chosen file format supports comments and if the comment was added to the POEditor project with the term (either in the Terms page, or when the terms import was made) or if it was added in the language page of the language you're exporting.

Comment notifications

When someone adds a commnet in a language, everyone who has access to that language is notified: the contributors assigned to the language, the admins and the project owner.

Profile (Account Settings) - POEditor Localization Platform

You can change the way they receive notifications on comments in Account Settings > Notifications on Comments, choosing between being notified on every comment, daily or not at all.

How to see the newest comments in the UI

To see the most recently added comments in a localization project, access the translation page of any language in project and use the filter Order > Last commented. The terms will be listed in the reverse chronological order of their comments.

Order by Last commented (Translation page) - POEditor localization platform

Depending on who added the last comment, the comment button has a different color. The comment button is blue if an admin or the project owner last commented on the string, and orange if a contributor last posted a comment.

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