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How to send notifications to translators

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There are multiple ways to send notifications to POEditor users assinged to a localization project, some manual, some automated.

How to notify translators using the POEditor interface (manual)

To use the POEditor notification system, you need to either be the owner of a project or one of its admins.

If you are the owner or an admin, you can use the POEditor notification system to:

  • notify the users who have access to a particular language in the localization project. For this, go to the language's translation page and click on the Notify button. You can opt to send a default message (a reminder that there is work to be done) or a custom message. The message will be sent to the email address which the translators used to register to POEditor.
  • notify everyone assigned to a translation project. To do this, go to the project page and click the corresponding Notify button. In this case also, you can choose between sending a default message or a custom one.

Notify Contributors (Project page) - POEditor Localization Platform

If you want to send individual notifications to one of the contributors, you can find their contacts in the Contributors section (look for it in the navigation bar).

Note that contributors blocked in the Contributors page (using the option Block user access to language) do not receive language notifications (and also do not have access to the language they're blocked from).

How to send notifications using the Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations (automated)

It is also possible to send automated notifications to your project members in real-time in Slack or Microsoft Teams, with which POEditor is integrated.

Because all integrations are done on an account level, only the project owner (the user hosting the project) can set up the Slack integration, in order to receive notifications from that specific project.

Slack notifications (Slack channel)- POEditor Localization Tool

How to send notifications when new terms are added using callbacks (automated)

If you want to notify contributors automatically about newly added terms, you can also combine callbacks and a (self-built) script. The callback you need is the one for the New Terms Added event. This callback would trigger a script to notify the contributors assigned to a particular project.

If a user is not receiving some email notifications, they may be on our suppression list.

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