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POEditor teams


To be able to assign certain groups of contributors to languages in bulk, you can add them to a team first and then assign the team to the desired language(s).

Teams are ascribed to a single account or to an organization. If you created a team on your account, it can be assigned only to the projects hosted on your account (by you, as project onwer, and by the project administrators). If you created the team on an organization, everyone who has management rights in the organization can assign it to the projects hosted on the organization.

How to create teams

You can create a new POEditor team in Contributors > Teams. Just click on Add team, provide a name for your team, then click Add.

Add POEditor team (Contributors page) - POEditor translation system

In the team's page, you can add existing contributors to the team, or new ones (who don't yet have a POEditor account).

You can also bulk assign existing contributors to your teams in the Contributors page, using the options in the bottom left side of the page.

Add group of contributors to team (Contributors page) - POEditor translation platform

How to assign teams to languages

To assign a team to a language in a project, go to the project's main page and click on the Add Contributors option corresponding to the desired language. Then choose the option Team in the dropdown to add the desired team.

Add team to language (Project page) - POEditor translation platform

The contributors in the team will be added progressively to the language, until everyone is added. If there are many contributors in the team, this process can take a few seconds.

A contributor can be assigned to a language both as part of a team and individually. If a contributor is assigned in both ways, their contributions are counted only once.

How to remove a team from a language

To remove a team from a language, go to the project's Contributors section, filter by the corresponding language, and then use the option Remove team from language for the team you want to remove.

Remove team from language (Project page) - POEditor translation platform

Note that if a user is assigned both individually and as part of a team to a language, removing the team from the language will not also remove the individual assignment, and vice versa.

How to edit or delete a team

In the Teams page, you can click the Change name button corresponding to a team to change its name. To remove it, click the Delete icon.

Change team name (Contributors page) - POEditor localization platform

You can add members to a team or remove them in the team's page.

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