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How it works

How you can use POEditor depends on your role. Roles in POEditor are mainly project-oriented (meaning you are assigned a role on a per project basis), but there are also organization-related roles.
How it works for

Project Owners

The project owner is the user who hosts the localization project on their account and has the most rights in the project. Similar access to the project can be shared between multiple users if the project is hosted on an organization.

How it works for

Project Admins

Project admins are assigned by the project owner or by organization managers to individual projects. They have access to all the project languages, can manage the project terms, change its settings, and add contributors.

How it works for

Project Contributors

Project contributors are assigned by the project owner, admins or organization managers to specific languages in a localization project. Their access is limited to the languages they are assigned to.

How it works for

Organization Managers

Organization managers have full access to all the localization projects hosted on their organization (just like a project owner would have). They can also have billing rights for the organization.

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