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localization files

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    "app": {
        "name": "TODO List",
        "page": "Login",
        "login": {
            "text": "Enter your credentials below to login",
            "message": {
                "success": "Login successful!\nWelcome back {{name}}!",
                "error": "Make sure you've entered the correct username and password"
    "usersOnline_one": "Just one user online",
    "usersOnline_other": "{{count}} users online",

    "availableLanguages": ["English", "French", "Italian"]

i18next JSON

What are i18next JSON files

The i18next format is a widely-used internationalization and localization framework in web development, particularly for JavaScript applications. It adopts a key-value pair approach, where developers define keys for original language strings and associate them with corresponding translations in separate resource files. This modular structure allows for efficient management of multilingual content, supporting hierarchical organization for complex applications.

i18next also provides features like pluralization, interpolation, and formatting, making it a versatile and developer-friendly solution for creating globally accessible software.

Good to know

  • For i18next JSON files, our localization platform imports the keys as terms, and the path of the keys in the Context field (each key in the path also wrapped in quotes).
  • The terms are exported by default to i18n JSON based on their path.
  • i18next JSON needs to be put in a .json extension file with an UTF-8 without BOM encoding.
    • Arrays containing objects are ignored on import.
  • Plurals need to have the format keyname_pluralform, like in the sample file (example: usersOnline_other)

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