Fichiers De Localisation
Skedar Lokalizimi
ملفات الترجمة

localization files

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/*Please don't change the name of the application*/
"" = "TODO List";

"app.login.text" = "Enter your credentials below to login";
"app.login.message.success" = "Login successful !\nWelcome back %s !";
"app.login.message.error" = "Make sure you've entered the correct username and password";
"app.login.password.forget" = "I forgot my password";
"app.login.password.reset" = "Enter your address in the field below. A new password will be sent to your inbox.";
"app.register.text" = "Sign up for free! No credit card required!";
"app.register.message.success" = "Thank you for signing up !\nPlease check your email address to activate your account.";
"app.register.message.error" = "We were unable to sign you up.\nPlease correct the marked fields.";
"" = "Terms and conditions";

"app.login.label" = "Username";
"" = "Just one user online";

"app.login.pass" = "Password";

.strings files

What are iOS strings files

The standard strings file format consists of one or more key-value pairs along with optional comments. The key and value in a given pair are strings of text enclosed in double quotation marks, separated by an equal sign, and terminated by a semicolon. Although the inclusion of comments is optional, they do provide a useful way to communicate contextual information to the translator about how each string is used.

Good to know

  • To work with POEditor, .strings files need to be encoded in UTF-8, like the rest of our supported formats, although Apple recommends UTF-16.
  • Comments are marked with /* .... */
  • Terms take their comments from above. If there are comments after the term, on the same line, the comment will be taken by the next term.
  • There are no plurals (only term – translation pairs), context and reference.

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