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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

How to use the Automatic Translation

How to use POEditor's Automatic Translation feature with Google Translate, Microsoft Translator or DeepL. ... read more

How to recover translations

You can recover translations with the History module (the most recent ones) or with the Translation Memory (the most frequently used ones). ... read more

How to add terms to a localization project

All the ways to add terms to a localization project. ... read more

How to keep track of strings changed in the Default Reference Language

How to mark strings edited in the Reference Language, so translators know what to revise in the other languages of the localization project. ... read more

Translator stats

You can see in the Contributors page the total number of words, characters and translations a contributor did in a language in one or all of the projects you host on your account, or of which you are an admin. ... read more

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