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Duplicate terms

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The Context attribute of a term is what makes it unique in a localization project. So if you want to add a term multiple times to a project, simply add it with a different Context value.

For some file formats, POEditor stores particular data in the Context field:

  • the msgctxt for .po and .pot files
  • the meaning attribute for XTB and XMB files
  • the path of the keys, with each key in the path wrapped in quotes for Key-Value JSON files and YAML files
  • the original attribute of the parent <file> tag for iOS XLIFF files, XLIFF 1.2 files and Articulate Rise XLIFF
  • the <note from="meaning"> for Angular XLIFF
  • the <context> name and the <comment> for QT TS files
  • the section name for INI files
  • the information in column C for CSV and Excel files

We do not recommend adding comments in Context. POEditor has a dedicated comment system designed for communicating term-related things such as tone of voice or other translation aspects.

You can edit a term's Context value in the Terms page, in the term's Attributes section.

Term attributes (Terms page) - POEditor localization tool

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