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How to manually add or delete terms

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To manually add or remove terms to/from a localization project, you need to go that project's Terms page, where you can find an editable list with all the terms in your localization project.

How to add terms to a project

Add a new term to a localization project using the + button at the top of the Terms page, then typing in the desired term and pressing Save.

You can also use the + key as a keyboard shortcut to add an individual term to your localization project.

How to remove terms from a project

To remove one or more terms from a software localization project, check the boxes next to each string you want to delete, choose Delete Selection in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page and press Go.

Delete terms (Terms page) - POEditor Localization Platform

In Terms you can also:

The only way to have term duplicates in a POEditor project is by adding them with a different Context attribute.

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