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How to reorder terms

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By default, terms are listed in your POEditor project in the order in which they were initially imported or manually added to the project. As for new terms, they are added at the end of the already imported terms (except for when they are imported from Key-Value JSON).

If you need to change the order of the terms you have in POEditor, you have some options, as described below.

How to reorder terms in a localization project

In each language page, it is possible to order the terms alphabetically, using the Terms A-Z and Terms Z-A filters.

Order filters (Language page) - POEditor localization platform

This feature is for ordering the terms in POEditor, for translation purposes. The filters in the language pages will not be preserved on export, in the localization file.

How to reorder terms in the exported localization file

If you want, you can export the strings in the alphabetical order of the terms, instead of the default one.

In the UI, you can do this in any language page, by clicking on Export > Use Advanced Options > Order > Terms A-Z.

To get the same result when exporting to your repos with one of the available code hosting intergations, click on the settings of a linked language in the integration page > Add export rule and instead of Default Order choose Terms A-Z.

With the API, you can export in the alphabetical order of the terms by setting the order argument to terms in the projects/export method.

How to group terms in a custom way in a localization project

If you need to keep terms grouped in a particular way, you can use the Tagging System. You can use tags as filter strings in a POEditor project or when exporting strings to a localization file.

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