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Terms page

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The Terms page is accessible only to the owner of the localization project and to its administrators. Its various functionalities are described below.

Terms page - POEditor Localization Platform

The search box: Makes it easy to find terms by text, context, or reference. Case insensitive.

Add Term: Button at the bottom right side of the page, used to add a new term to the project. If your file format also supports context, you can add this too.

Edit Term: To edit a term's text, click on it, make the changes and press Save.

Set all translations as fuzzy: This checkbox is visible only when clicking on a term to edit it. It sets a fuzzy flag on all the existing translations for the term at hand (in all the project's languages) when pressing Save (even if the term's text remains unchanged). It is checked by default.

Edit Term (Terms page) - POEditor localization platform

Comments: To view all the comments (in all the languages) for a term, click on the Comments button. This icon can be marked with green, if an admin or the project owner last commented on it or orange, if a contributor last posted a comment. Here, old comments can be deleted and new comments can be added.

Attributes: Here you can enable plurals for a term (if your file format doesn't support plurals, the plural forms won't be exported) Plural forms aren't displayed in the Terms page. You can also edit the context and reference attribute of the same term.

Translations: Here you can view or edit all the translations for a term in your project. To edit a translation, click on it and make the desired changes (which will be saved automatically).

Delete Selection: To delete one or more terms (and their translations) from the project, select them by checking the box next to them (or press Select All Page/Select All Terms to bulk check the boxes), choose Delete Selection in the dropdown menu at the bottom of the list, then press Go.

Add Tags to Selection: To tag terms using the Tagging System, select one or more of them, choose Add Tags to Selection in the dropdown menu at the bottom left side of the page, then click Go. Tags are useful to filter strings during translation or on export.

Remove Tags from Selection: Remove tags set on a term or on a group of terms by selecting this option in the dropdown menu and pressing Go. Must have at least one tag to see this option.

Bulk actions (Terms page) - POEditor localization software

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