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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

How to translate a language file from a VSTS/TFS project

By connecting your VSTS account to your POEditor account, you can import your language files faster from your repos to our localization platform. ... read more

Stats overview

This is an overview of the statistics available for translation projects on the POEditor localization management platform. ... read more

Changing the name of a localized file

To change the name of a file that you localized with the POEditor translation management platform, take the steps below. ... read more

Importing and exporting strings

To learn more about how to upload and download strings to a software localization project on POEditor, give this article a read. ... read more

How to translate a language file from a GitLab project

You can link a POEditor language to a file in one of your GitLab repositories to import and export the translations with a single click. ... read more

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