Supported file formats

POEditor is a translation and localization management system that started back in 2012 as a PO file editor, supporting Gettext .po and .pot files. Ever since, the platform has gained a multitude of functionalities and supported formats.

What are the file formats supported by POEditor

POEditor supports the most popular localization file formats. We will list them below in alphabetical order, by extension:

You can find out more about the specs of each file clicking on its extension in this page.

How to request support for another file format

If POEditor does not yet support the file format you’re working with in your localization process, you can request its addition:

  • by making a Uservoice request
  • by sending an email to explaining what file format you’re using, how it was generated and adding a sample of the file. If you want, you can also include a few words about your project (what you want to localize).

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