API v2 Documentation

Connect your software to the POEditor localization platform using this simple REST API

API Response Codes

200 OK #

Everything went smoothly.

401 Request missing API token #

Every API request requires an API token.

4011 Invalid API Token #

There is no account associated with the API token used for this request.

4012 No data sent using POST method #

Please use a POST request (only POST requests accepted).

403 You don't have permission to access this resource #

The resource you are trying to access is restricted for this account. (wrong project ID)

4030 Insufficient access rights #

The endpoint requires a token with writing permissions.

4031 No API access for the current plan #

API Token is valid but the account doesnt't have API access.

4032 Strings limit reached #

The account reached the maximum number of strings.

4033 Currently processing an uploaded file. Please try again later. #

There's an import in progress.

4034 Project is archived #

The project has been archived and cannot be accessed unless restored.

404 Invalid API Call #

The method used is not supported.

4040 Custom error message #

You will receive a custom message with more details

4042 Data should be JSON #

Parameter -data- must be a JSON object

4043 Wrong language code #

This language is not in the list of available languages.

4044 Project not containing specified language #

The language code does not correspond to any of the languages in this project.

4045 No language specified #

Parameter -language- is missing or empty.

4046 The system was not able to parse the contents of your file. Make sure the format is correct. #

The file could not be parsed.

4047 Invalid export type. Supported formats: arb, csv, ini, key_value_json, i18next, json, po, pot, mo, properties, resw, resx, ts, apple_strings, xliff, xlf, xmb, xtb, xliff_1_2, rise_360_xliff, xls, xlsx, android_strings, yml #

Wrong export file format chosen.

4048 Too many upload requests in a short period of time #

File uploads are limited according to plan. Find out more.

4049 Missing -updating- parameter (terms, terms_translations, translations) #

The parameter –updating- could not be found in the request.

4050 Language already in the project #

The language you are trying to add already exists in the project.

4051 Invalid download URL #

The download link (export file) could not be found on server.

4052 Expired export file #

Download URLs expire after 10 minutes.

4053 Project/language altered since generating export, request another file #

The URL is valid but the project/language has been deleted.

429 Too many requests #

Too many pending requests in your queue (over 200).

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