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Localization project tracking

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Translation statistics. Each project has stats with stats by languages and stats by contributors, which you can check for specific time frames. String, character and word counts are also available here.

Reports by Languages (Project Stats page) - POEditor localization platform

Slack & Teams integrations. These integrations notify the project owner (and others, optionally) about important events in the localization project.

Slack Integration Page - POEditor localization tool

Logs. Each POEditor account has 4 logs available: an Activity Log, an API Log, a Webhooks Log and a Callbacks Log. In each of these logs, information relevant to your account activity related is stored.

Activity log - POEditor localization managment platform

Realtime Translation System. This shows project owners and administrators who else is connected to the project. It also shows when these users add or delete translations in the project languages.

Realtime Translation System (Language page) - POEditor localization platform

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