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Translation statistics

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All localization projects managed with POEditor provide statistics for project owners and administrators (on a project level) and statistics for contributors (on a language level, for their own translation work).

Stats for owners and admins

Project statistics for project owners and project administrators are divided into Stats by languages and Stats by contributors.

The Stats by languages tab shows all the languages in the project that had translation activity in the selected interval, their percentage of completion and the number of strings translated in them.

Stats by languages (project stats) - POEditor localization platform

Click on a language to see all the users participating to its translation and their contribution in the chosen period.

Detailed stats for a single language - POEditor localization platform

General information about the language such as the number of translations and the number of words and characters these translations amount are available here.

You can also see the number of strings left to be translated from the source language (or the terms, if no Reference Language is set), as well as a wordcount and a character count for these strings.

The Stats by contributors tab shows all the contributors who added translations to the project in the selected interval and the number of translations they've added.

More translation activity information is available for each user by clicking on their names: the language(s) in which they added translations, the number of translated strings (Translations), how many words and characters these strings represent (Words, Chars).

If a Reference Language is set, you will also see Reference Words (Ref. Words) and Reference Chars (Ref. Chars).

Contributor stats

Contributors have their own Stats section, where they can view their own contributions to the languages they are assigned to in that project: Translations (number of translated strings), Words, Chars.

Reference Words (Ref. Words) and Reference Chars (Ref. Chars) are also shown - these are the words in the terms or the words in the Reference Language, if one is set.

Translator stats (Contributors page) - POEditor translation management platform

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