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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

In the Contributors page, you can see the total number of words, characters and translations a contributor did in a certain language in one or all of the projects you host on your account, or of which you are an admin. You can also see how many words or characters the contributor translated from the source language.

To access the translation stats for a contributor, click on Show stats next to the name of the contributor.

Show stats (Contributors page) - POEditor translation platform

Then choose a period using the Date Range Picker that appears under the name for the user. By default, the Date Range Picker is set to show the activity done in the last week.

Translator stats (Contributors page) - POEditor translation management platform

You can see the language(s) in which the user added translations, the number of translated strings (Translations) and how many words and characters these strings represent (Words, Chars). Reference Words (RW) and Reference Chars (RC) are also visible - these are the words in the terms or the words in the Reference Language (source language), if one is set, that the contributor translated.

You can choose between two graph displays - Area Chart and Bar Chart.

You can also choose to filter the stats for a single project, or to see the numbers for all the project(s) in which the contributor added translations.

For language stats per project, see the project Stats page.

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