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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

You can mark the strings edited in the Default Reference Language to track them in the other languages in multiple ways, described below.

Enable the option Mark strings as fuzzy in other languages

If you want the translations in the target languages of a project to be marked as fuzzy when a string in the Default Reference Language is changed in the user interface, you can enable the option Mark strings as fuzzy in other languages in the project's settings.

Mark strings as fuzzy in other languages (Project settings) - POEditor translation platform

The option is available in the settings of any project which has a DRL set. You can see it if you click on Edit Project Details, and it applies to both to the case when a user edits a translation in the language page of the DRL, as well as when a user edits a DRL string in the Terms page.

Update the language using the import functionality

The import functionality (both the one in the project page, and the ones in the translation pages) features a checkbox when you import translations, mark corresponding translations from the other languages as fuzzy for the updated values. Check this box to mark the translations in the other languages as fuzzy, so translators know they need to be revised.

The steps are described in more detail here.

Update individual strings in Terms

Go to Terms, search for the string ID corresponding to the value to be changend in the Reference Language, then hover your mouse over it. Click the T icon (translations) and edit the value in the Reference Language. Then, click on the string ID and then on Save. (Don't change the label, and leave the box under it that says Set all translations as fuzzy checked.) This will put a fuzzy flag on the translations in all the languages.

Edit Term (View or Add Terms) - POEditor localization platform

Update the language using the API

You can use the Fuzzy flag with the API as well, by setting the fuzzy_trigger to 1, as stated here.

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