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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

To translate INI files with POEditor, you first need to set up your localization project. Here are the steps.

1. Create a localization project

Log in to your POEditor account, click on Add New Project to create a localization project and add a language to it (your software's source language).

2. Import strings from INI file

In the project page, click on Import to upload the strings from your INI file.

Import terms and translations (Project page) - POEditor localization management platform

Don't forget to choose to Also import translations to... the language you added at step 1.

Set this language as your project's Default Reference Language after you import the translations. You can change the Default Reference Language in the project's Settings.

3. Localize INI file into target languages

Add the languages you want the app localized in, invite contributors to join the translation and start localizing your app. You can find more info about how to manage contributors here.

When you are done with the localization, you can export your localized languages to your computer by using the Export button in any Language page.

Export localized file (Translation page) - POEditor Localization Tool