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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

Have you tried to connect to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or Azure DevOps and stumbled upon a problem? Below we describe the most common issues encountered by POEditor users and ways to overcome them.

I can't see any projects in the dropdown menu of the integration page

If you've connected your GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket/Azure Repo account and all you can see in the dropdown menu in the integration page is 'Select a POEditor project you own', it means you don't have any projects in your POEditor account.

You'll need to create at least one project in POEditor and add your source and target languages to it, in order to be able set up the integration.

You don't own any POEditor project (Integration page) - POEditor translation management software

If the projects are hosted on the account of one of your colleagues, the integration will need to be set up from their POEditor account.

For security and privacy reasons, only the project owner can connect the languages in POEditor to the files in the repos.

However, after the owner sets up the integration and makes the links between the language files and the POEditor languages, they can let someone else take over the data management between our localization platform and the code hosting platform. There are two ways: 1) the localization project owner gives access to admins to the integration from the projects's settings, by enabling the option Admins Can Access Integrations in a project's setting; 2) the localization project owner generates some webhooks and gives them to someone else to trigger when needed.

I can't see my repos #2

If your repos belong to an organization, please check your rights with the organization administrators. You need to have the POEditor app authorized by the organization owner. To request access, go to Settings / Authorized applications / POEditor / Organization access / Request access (button).

More details regarding how you can request GitHub organization acccess for the POEditor app here.

I can't connect to GitLab server

If you have an older version of GitLab installed on your server, which doesn't support their API v4, please try to set up the integration again and in the URL put the version you have installed on your server instead of v4.

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