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Pull requests


PR presets are available starting with the Premium plan.

You can create pull requests from the localization platform POEditor to the branches in your repos by setting up pull request presets in the integration page.

Note that PR presets do not also export strings from POEditor. They simply trigger a pull request from a branch specified by you to another.

How to set up a pull request preset

To set up a PR preset, go to the integration page of the service you have connected to POEditor and access the section Pull Request Presets.

Pull Request Presets link (integration page) - POEditor translation platform

To create a pull request preset, you'll need to choose the repository source (your account or an organization on the connected service), the repository, the source branch (from which to call the PR) and the target branch (the branch where to merge the PR).

How to create a pull request

After creating a PR preset, you can create an actual PR by clicking the button Generate Pull Request.

Generate Pull Request (Integrations) - POEditor translation platform

If there's another PR waiting to be approved for the same source and target branch pair, your PR will return an error.

How to generate a webhook that creates a pull request

If you want to trigger PRs automatically, you can generate pull request webhooks and add these webhooks to your scripts.

To create a webhook from a pull request preset, click the button Generate Webook next to the desired preset.

Generate PR webhook (Integrations) - POEditor localization management software

Pull Request Logs

Activity related to pull requests presets and PRs is logged in the Audit Log. PRs triggered via webhooks are logged in the Webhooks Log.

Pull requests need to be triggered manually or by a webhook. They are not triggered automatically on every change in your POEditor projects.

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