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Can't connect POEditor to Azure DevOps organization


If you cannot connect your POEditor localization projects to files on your Azure DevOps repos, you might be experiencing one of the issues below.

Your organization doesn't have OAuth access enabled for 3rd parties

For newer Azure DevOps organizations, Third-party application access via OAuth is not automatically enabled.

To check if your organization has this option turned on, go to Organization Settings > Security > Policies.

Enable 3rd party OAuth for 3d party apps (Azure DevOps organization settings) - POEditor TMS

You aren't connected to the right tenant

If you can see some organizations on DevOps and not others, it's possible that you're connected to another tenant than the one with the organization you need.

In this case, you can try the following steps:

  1. go to your POEditor account and disconnect your Azure DevOps account.
  2. using another browser in private mode, log in to Azure DevOps and go here.
  3. use the dropdown on the left side of the screen to select the tenant where you have the DevOps organization with the repos you want to access. Switch DevOps tenant (Azure DevOps) - POEditor localization platform
  4. in the same browser used at step 2, log in to POEditor (also in private mode), and connect to Azure DevOps. You should see a screen asking you to authorize the POEditor app. Authorize POEditor app - POEditor localization platform

After authorizing the POEditor app for the new tenant, you should be able to see the repos you want to access in POEditor.

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