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Advanced search

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POEditor has a number of default filters you can use to filter strings in a localization project, but you can also use tags to make custom filters.

In addition to these default and custom filters, there are some advanced search options you can use with the search functionality to fine-tune your searches. The advanced search works only in the language pages.

How the search works by default

By default, when you make a search in a language page, POEditor looks in the terms, translations, context, reference (attribute) and Reference Language.

The results include everything that was found containing the searched sequence of characters, with that particular character sequence highlighted.

Advanced search options

To make a more precise search, you have multiple search options.

To search by type, you can use:

  • em: for exact match
  • ew: for exact words

To search by location, you can use:

  • terms: to search only in the terms
  • translations: to search only in the translations
  • rl: to search in the Reference Language
  • context: to search only in the Context attribute
  • reference: to search only in the Reference attribute

Advanced search rules

The search operators need to always be written in lowercase. The search itself is not case sensitive.

The relation between the operators is AND. For example, if you search ew: context: terms: foo bar, the words "foo bar" will have to appear precisely in this form in both the term and the context of the term.

Search examples

Search Behavior
terms: foo Looks for strings containing “foo” only in terms.
em: foo Looks only for “foo” everywhere, where the whole string is “foo”. “foo bar” will not be a result.
ew: foo Looks for the word “foo” everywhere. “foo bar” will be a result, “foobar” will not.
em: terms: foo Looks only for the term “foo” and nothing else.
terms: foo context: bar Looks for terms containing “foo” AND context containing “bar”.
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