Free localization with the POEditor translation platform

The online localization platform POEditor is free to use to translate software projects collaboratively in the following circumstances:

With Free Accounts

If you register to the POEditor, you get an account with a Free plan by default. The free account can accomodate software localization projects summing up to 1000 strings, which is usually enough to translate a small app or a WordPress theme into a few languages.

Also, you can use your free account to contribute without any limitation to localization projects owned by other users. The strings you translate for others are counted against their account.

Free plans, like all the other POEditor plans, can host an unlimited number of projects, languages and contributors. But, unlike accounts with paid plans, free accounts don’t come with a Translation Memory feature.

For Open Source Software Project Localization

POEditor is perfect online translation management platform for localizing open source software projects. We don’t limit you in any way, not even regarding the number of strings you can store in your localization project. Also, you can choose between localizing the open source software in a private project and crowdsourcing translations from your community using a public project. Not to mention that we have both a GitHub integration and a Bitbucket integration.

To set up your free localization project, all you need to do is file an OS project request in Project Settings and briefly wait for our approval.

Requesting a Free Open Source Software Localizaiton Project (Project Page) - POEditor Localization Tool