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Tips about public projects

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Making a localization project public allows people to join it on their own in order to translate software strings. Here are some useful tips on how to manage public software localization projects with POEditor.

The project owner, project admins and organization managers can make a localization project public.

How to make a project public

To make a localization project public, go to its Settings and enable the option Public Project. You will receive a link to the project's Join page, that you can share to crowdsource translators.

Set project as public (Project Settings) - POEditor localization tool

How to control access to public projects

You can decide whether contributors joining the localization of specific languages in your public project need to be approved or not. For this, use the option New Contributors Must Be Approved in Settings > Advanced.

In Contributors, in the upper navigation bar, you can control each user's access to the project. Depending on your settings, you can Approve, Block or Remove a contributor's access to a language.

Remove or block contributor from language (Contributors page) - POEditor localization platform

How to manage contributors in a localization project is described in more detail here.

More public localization project settings

You can allow contributors to add new languages to your public localization project using the option Contributors can add new languages.

You can also choose to hide the 100% localized languages from the Join page. Look for the Lock Completed Languages in the project's settings.

To make public crowdsourcing project private again, you can always disable the Public Project option in the project's settings.

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