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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

If you've been inactive on POEditor for more than 6 months, we automatically archive your localization projects and keep them like that in your account, in case you want to restore them and resume the localization process.

When this happens, the History of those software localization projects is deleted. Nothing else on your account gets deleted.

How to know if your localization projects will be archived

We'll let you know by email if you're nearing a year of inactivty.

To stop your software localization projects from being archived, just log in to your account at any time until the planned archivation date.

Note that if a project gets archived, it will no longer be visible to any of the users assigned to it, except its owner.

How to restore an archived localization project

An archived localization project can be restored from the POEditor account hosting it. Just log in to that account, hover your mouse over the project and click on the Restore button.

Restore archived localization projects - POEditor Translation Platform

The project will immediately become visible again in the accounts of the other assigned users (admins, contributors).

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