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Documentation on how to translate software with POEditor

If you have many localization projects in your POEditor account and would like to group them by client, team, platform, or by any other desired criteria, you can tag them in its Settings.

To add a tag to a localization project, click on Tag Project at the top of the Project Settings page (next to Project Details), type the name of the tag and then press Save.

Tag project (Project Settings) - POEditor translation management system

The tags you add will appear as filters for your projects in your Dashboard.

Filter projects by tag (Dashboard) - POEditor translation management platform

If you want to remove a tag from a project, go back to that localization project's settings, click on the tag and then click the x icon next to the tag name and press Save.

Remove project tag (Project Settings) - POEditor translation management platform

Note: Only the project owner and the project admins can see and add/remove the tags set on a localization project. Contributors cannot see them.