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How the Realtime Translation System works

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POEditor's Realtime Translation System helps you maintain a smooth and natural translation workflow, by letting you know of team members' whereabouts and actions while working on the same localization project.

How it works in the translation page

With the Realtime Translation System, everyone with access to a language can see who is simultaneously active on the same translation page as they are.

Realtime Translation System (Language page) - POEditor localization platform

It also shows users in real time if a translation is added, edited or deleted for a term in that language.

If there is more than one person translating on the same page, the system will mark the translation fields that are being worked on by coloring their borders.

If two or more contributors are on the same translation box simultaneously, a bubble will inform them who else is translating that string. This way, unwanted events, like overwriting a team members' work, can easily be avoided.

How it works in the project page

On an owner and administrator level, there are some extra benefits. At the bottom of the Project Page, a Live Activity box will appear, if at least one person is connected to the project. If they perform any actions (add/delete translation), those will also be streamed.

Realtime Translation System - POEditor localization platform

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